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Why Is This Important to Me?

What happens to freedom on the Internet affects everyone, whether you have your own domain name or not. Individuals with whom you correspond, businesses that you interact with, organizations that you support all have domain names that could be taken with very little notice, leaving you with no way to get in contact with them. If this hasn't already affected you, it likely will. Certainly, people who have lost their voices on the Internet already understand these concepts. Even more importantly, however, the laws and contracts dealing with domain name issues have silenced free speech. More on why this is important

Have you received a threat from a trademark owner who wants you to give them your domain name? See our quick overview of your possible rights to stop reverse domain name hijacking.

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Help the DNRC

Please, help the DNRC continue to educate domain name holders, attorneys, Internet users, and yes even intellectual property holders. You can do this in several ways. Post to our forums, let us know what is happening to your rights on the Internet, become involved with ICANN, or make a cash contribution. Please be aware, however, that the DNRC cannot provide specific legal advice or provide you with an attorney. Thanks for reading.
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