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Statement for the Record of Karl Auerbach

Statement for the Record of Karl Auerbach:

Statement for the Record of

Karl Auerbach

Former (and only) North American Director Elected to the Board of Directors of ICANN
Yuen Fellow of Law and Technology (Caltech and Loyola Law School)
Norbert Wiener Award (2002)
Co-Founder Boston Working Group (BWG)
Chief Technical Officer, InterWorking Labs, Inc.
Director, Domain Name Rights Coalition
Attorney at Law (California) and member of
the Intellectual Property Section of the California State Bar.


The Continued Transition of the Technical Coordination and Management of the Internet's Domain Name and Addressing System: Midterm Review of the Joint Project Agreement
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
[Docket No. 071023616-7617-01]

February 6, 2008


In 2006 when NTIA last inquired about ICANN, I submitted a set of comments.  These may be seen on-line at: http://www.cavebear.com/archive/public/ntia-july-7-2006-statement.html

It is now 2008.  Those comments made in 2006 remai

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